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How to Find the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Business

1 - Know the Tasks You Need to Outsource

Before connecting with a reputable outsourcing company, you must decide what tasks you need to let go of.

Do you need a content writer to make your website and blog more creative and appealing?

Does administrative work eat up most of your time?

Will a website designer make you more productive?

Being clear about the tasks you need your VA to do will help the outsourcing company pool the best candidates. When the outsourcing team has an overview of your job description, candidates can also decide if they have the appropriate skill set and relevant background for the job. 

2 - Conduct Appropriate Tests and Comprehensive Interviews

Many business owners fall short on this step. The clearest way to determine that a candidate is best for you is assessing their skills through appropriate evaluations.

Do you need a virtual personal assistant who will answer emails and manage the administrative side of your company? Have them do a typing and email correspondence test.

Do you need a VA to manage social media and general customer relations? Give possible scenarios during the interview to find out how they will handle the situation.

Talking to the candidates through Skype or phone interviews will help you get to know them beyond their CVs. Besides, interviews will give you a feel if the candidate has the personality that will fit in with your work culture.

3 - Do a Background Check and Job Training

Checking in with your VA’s previous employers will give you another perspective of how they are as an employee. What are their strengths? What areas can they improve on? Find these out so you know what to expect when working with them. Once you decide that the candidate is fit to join your team, make sure to provide appropriate training.

Many business owners hand over tasks without appropriate orientation. The training does not have to eat up a lot of your working hours. It should just be sufficient enough to help the VA do their best work. Besides, orienting your VA from the get-go means minimum supervision and mistakes when they’re already settled in.

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