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5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Staffing Provider

From a fresh intern to a seasoned executive, every potential hire has the ability to take your company to the highest highs or, in some unfortunate cases, the lowest lows. For this reason, it’s vital that the people you hire share the values of your organization. But as someone involved in human resources, you know this is easier said than done.

You have to conduct several unsatisfactory interviews to find the right candidate, and at the same time, handle other HR duties related to payroll, attendance, employee engagement, grievances, government norms and more.

With so much on the plate, there is always the risk of errors or one, two, or all of the tasks not getting the HR’s complete attention. On that account, it is easier to outsource staffing to an agency.

A staffing provider is focused solely in finding the right talent that meets all your requirements, thereby allowing you to fulfil your HR duties in peace.

But how do you pick one that’s right for your business? Here are 5 traits that every top-notch staffing provider must exhibit.

1. Core Specialization

Does the staffing agency have any core expertise? Staffing companies, these days, specialise in finding people belonging to a specific sector or role. Some agencies are capable of getting talent at executive positions, some are capable of fulfilling bulk hiring requirements, others are skilled in meeting a particular industry’s needs. Take OLX People for instance. They possess more than 4.1 years of average recruitment experience in the IT domain. Additionally, they service over 10 sectors and have 10,000+ contracted employees for 100+ clients.

Check the core expertise of the staffing agency that you have shortlisted and see if it aligns with your immediate and long-term needs.

2. Hiring & Onboarding Process

The idea behind outsourcing the hiring & onboarding process is to quickly fulfill the manpower requirements of the business. For instance, OLX People’s AI-powered HRMS app makes the onboarding process quick, easy and paperless. What’s more, automated dashboards allow you to keep tabs on updates and information regarding employee attendance, salary and more. To ensure that the hiring and onboarding process is seamless, you need to understand the hiring strategy of your staffing provider.

Some of the questions you need to ask your staffing agency are:

  • o How do they source talent?

  • o What kind of background checks have they already done?

  • o Have they personally interviewed and vetted the candidate?

  • o How do they gauge if the candidate meets the organization’s values and needs?

  • o How do they ease the paperwork and onboarding process?

3. Market edge

It’s a competitive world. With so many candidates out there and businesses coming up with newer, specialised roles, employment agencies need to fulfil many criteria to stand out in the market.

Some questions you should be asking are:


o What are the differentiating factors that the agency brings to the table?

o How is the costing structure as compared to others in the same space?

o Does the agency provide additional staffing services like skills onboarding support and temporary benefits, training, compliance and payroll services?

By addressing these queries and more, you will be able to understand how efficient the staffing provider really is.

4. Service excellence

A committed staffing provider must ensure that the candidates they sent to your company proved worthwhile in the long run. They need to regularly follow up with your management or HR team to see if the candidates are meeting your performance criteria. Just like OLX People’s account management team, that consists of more than 30+ dedicated managers, who regularly touch base with their clients to assess performance of the employees.

Furthermore, to gauge the quality of a staffing provider’s service you need to check if they are:

  • o Transparent in compliances and processes

  • o Adhering to timelines and commitments

  • o Addressing grievances on time

5. Reputation & Reliability

When you select your staffing provider, measure their reliability and reputation based on the following parameters:

Proficiency in offering staffing solutions comes with years of experience, building contacts and earning their name in the market. When you select your staffing provider, measure their reliability based on the following parameters:


  • o What is their pedigree and how long have they been in the business?

  • o Balance sheet and scale of the business

  • o Strengths in HR ops and geographical spread

  • o Market reviews by clients and candidates about this provider

These pointers would help you in onboarding the right staffing provider for your business to grow.

Talent has less to do with luck

A company, in its initial stages, always tends to believe that they were lucky in attracting the right talent. Only in the succeeding years do they realize that luck had very little to do with it.

Every candidate has different aspirations and may or may not be a part of the journey of the organization. However, by maintaining a harmonious culture and by partnering with a competent staffing agency, you can ensure that your organization always has the best of the talent walking in.

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