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5 Signs You Might Benefit from Partnering with a Recruitment Agency to Find Employees

Finding the right employees to hire can be challenging. Even if you are a small business owner or a manager of a multinational company, no matter the scenario you face, the recruitment and staffing process can be daunting. Deciding to partner with a recruitment agency like Next Gear Staffing can make it easier for you to find and hire the right people. Our staffing experts can offer plenty of benefits for you, no matter your industry.

As an employer, you may wonder, why would I need to work with a staffing agency? To help answer that question, we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons your business may benefit from partnering with a recruitment agency. If any of these points below connect with your organization, it might be time to contact our staffing experts at Next Gear Staffing.

1. High Turnover Concerns

High turnover is a significant concern for some employers. This issue could have several reasons behind it. The first reason could come down to cultural fit. Finding the right employees who encompass the same values as your company is essential. If employees don’t share these values, they are likely to leave. Another reason could come down to your business operations. Your organization may have to handle large swings in production volume, leading to temporary hires.

No matter the situation, Next Gear Staffing can help in both. Our recruitment experts can help you identify high-quality candidates that connect and contribute to your company culture. We can also aid you in establishing the right staffing level for your business needs as you fluctuate with the demand of your industry.

2. Considering Temporary Employees

Hiring temporary employees shouldn’t be a concern for management if you know how to engage them correctly. Truly, temporary employees can offer many benefits to strengthen an organization.

By connecting with Next Gear Staffing, we will help you navigate through the process of hiring a short-term employee. Our expertise can help you tap into the temporary talent pool and find the best people for every position.

3. Filling Multiple Positions

You may get to the point where your business is rapidly growing, or your company operates seasonally and is trying to meet the demand. Either way, you may find yourself needing to hire multiple employees at once.

If either of these reasons resonates with you, a staffing agency may be beneficial to work with. Filling several positions can be simple when you have access to an extensive candidate network, recruitment professionals, and recruitment technology. Our ability to access our abundant talent pools can help you locate top talent quickly and accurately.

4. Hiring Your First Employee

The size of your company shouldn’t matter. A small business owner can benefit as much as a larger business. Expanding your small business can be a delicate process as you try to find the right person to trust for the role. Working with a staffing agency can help make sure that the fit is just right. It is also useful for first-time employers who are new to the hiring process. Next Gear Staffing can help remove the stress and guesswork to make the first employee hire a smooth and successful process.

5. The Hiring Process Takes Too Long

In Canada, the average hiring process takes just over 20 days. If it’s taking you longer to find the perfect individuals, this is an excellent opportunity to connect with our expert recruiters.

Blending our access to candidates, the technology we use and our proprietary approach, we can streamline the hiring process. Our recruitment software and team of top recruiters can screen candidates rapidly as well as establish pre-screening interviews. You then simply pick the correct fit from our suggestion.

All in all, the outcome of hiring an employee should be a smooth and straightforward process. If you need to hire, you could benefit from working with a recruitment agency. Let Next Gear Staffing make your next hire effortless.

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