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No coming up with a job description. No sifting through hundreds of resumes. No worrying if it's going to work out. We take the stress & risk out of bringing a new member onto your team so you can worry about what matters most.


Traditional hiring methods take months to get a new employee to hire & trained. We have an Amazon-certified VA ready to get to work for you within 2 weeks so you can take your business to the next level faster.


Our program doesn't help you hire then leave you hanging. We walk through everything you need to do to prepare for & manage a new VA so they become an asset in your business sooner rather than later.

A Hands-On Approach

When you apply for Next Gear Staffing, we work with you from beginning to, well, forever...  Not only do we help you find & hire a VA, but we also continue to provide support even after your VA is hiring.

Our Next Gear Staffing team helps you onboard your new VA and then monitors your VA's hours and activity, and manages weekly payroll, so you don't have to. We even provide continuing education for your VA when Amazon releases something new.


Can I sign up for VA Placement even if I don't live in the US?

Yes! It doesn't matter what country you are in, you can sign up for VA Placement and hire one of our awesome VAs!

How does the VA Placemnt payment process work?

You don't pay a penny until VA starts working for you!

Our pay period is Monday through Sunday. So Every Monday morning, we check VA's hours and activity and approve their timesheet before sending you an invoice no later than Monday. You have until Wednesday of each week to dispute anything on the invoice. Then, on Thursday our payment system automatically drafts the amount you were invoiced for directly out the payment method you set up when you started the program. On Fridays, we pay the VA for the work for the prior week.

How much time will I need to commit to getting my VA up to speed?

Great question. And honestly, the answer is... it varies.

We want you to be 100% aware that your VA is not going to be "plug and play" because unfortunately, that's just not possible. Implementing a new employee in your business, no matter how much education and training they have, requires some work on your end

You'll need to have system and process in oace and detailed task lists for your VA to be successful and you will also want to closely monitor their progress and results for at least the first couple weeks they are working to make sure they are doing the things how you want them done.

The short answer.. No, hiring a VA Placement Virtual Assistant is not completely hands-off.

What are the minimum & maximum number of hours my VA can work?

We highly recommend only getting a VA if you plan on having them work atleast 5 hours per week.

The maximum number of hours VA can work is 40 hours per week

How is my VA vetted?

When we set out to create VA Placement, we wanted to bring the most highly qualified candidates to our clients who were looking for someone they could trust to outsource their daily tasks to. But the basic employmeny recruiting websites just didn't cut it, so we created our own. We started VA University.

VA University works as both a recruitment agency and training program for our VA's. We recruit people in the Philippines who are looking to work digitally from home and use application process to vet them based on their ability to work from home ( i.e. do they have solid internet a trusty computer, etc) etc. Only 10 out of every 500 applicants pass
this initial step. Remaining applicants are then personally interviewed by our team for their level of commitment and overall attitude and competency. Only 5 out of every 10 candidates pass that part of the process. Then, we give them access to the VA University training program, which is a series of more than 100 video lessons and corresponding asseessments training them on the basic of working as a VA in Amazon seller business.

Will my VA be working exclusively for me?

If you have your VA Placement VA working more than 25 hours a week, yes, they will be working exclusively for you.

If you have your VA working less than 25 hours per week, it is possible that they will also be working as a VA for another VA Placement client. When the VA signed up for this program, they likedly did so with the goal of making a full-time income. So if they're working for you less than full-time, they may have an additional client to supplement the income to pay their bills.

What if my VA doesn't work out?

We have a recommendations for helping you troubleshoot situation when your VA is not meeting your expectations. However, if you choose to let your VA go, our team will support you in finding up to 3 replacements for you.