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Next gear staffing

Next Gear Staffing is a company which provides text-based virtual assistance that can help you with any and all of your business, as well as personal activities. The best way to describe us would be it is like having your own personal assistant, but virtually!

Our key features include

  • Provide text-based virtual assistance

  • There are no monthly subscription fees. You will pay your virtual assistant only for the tasks you provide them to complete.

  • The costs are per hour and you will be billed by the minute. The VAs (virtual assistant) will only be paid for the time they spend on your work.

  • Based on your needs, we will find you the best fitting Assistant. Your requirements will be reviewed manually by our team and then we will decide who will be best suited as a VA for you!

How It Works


Submit a request for a VA & our team will match you with one of our very own VA University Graduates within two weeks.

Interview your VA candidate for the perfect fit. Don't feel like it's a match? No problem. We'll find another candidate within
a week

Get to work fast with the Next Gear Staffing Portal our exclusive mini-course to walk you through the hiring & onboarding process.

Your VA will start taking over your tasks we'll take over managing your VA so you worry about what's most important. a week


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